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Ponomareva Ol'ga Nikolaevna, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of naturalmathematical education, Penza Institute of Education Development (40 Popova street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Federal state educational standard of General education (Russia, 2012) among the priority goals highlights the formation of ecological culture of young citizens. The achievement of the goal assumes the implementation of different types and forms of training and education. There is a need in development and methodical support of elective courses for different age-groups of pupils.
Materials and methods. Teaching course «Environment and human health» in 9–11 classes consistent with the methodology of teaching ecology in the school. This didactic basis of the system of education responds to the «challenge of the time» – article contains specific examples of how to make a lesson of the discipline «Environment and human health» in 9–11 classes.
Results. The focus of training of the pupils – the formation of the positive experience of the emotional value attitude to nature, their own health, its commitment to the environment as a significant condition of his own survival and development. There are examples of instructional techniques to inform schoolchildren, the impact on their attitudes, their attitude to the problem of saving their own health and development of skills to predict the influence of various environmental factors on health. The process of formation of the meaning of the environmental situation is important from the point of view of the actualization of the schoolchildren's specific behavior strategies aimed at raising responsibility, and the maintenance of their own health.
Conclusions. The developed approaches regarding environment introduced in the activities of educational institutions of the region, including representatives of the Penza «League schools RUSNANO». Applied aspect of the problem under investigation can be carried out in practice of the teaching of natural-science disciplines, and in the development of interdisciplinary training programmes for schoolchildren.

Key words

elective courses, methods of teaching biology and ecology, the environment and human health, ecological culture.

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1. Ponomareva O. N. Metodicheskaya sistema obucheniya ekologii v sredney obshcheobrazovatel'noy
shkole: dis. d-ra ped. nauk [Methodological system of ecology teaching in high school: dissertation to apply for the degree of the doctor of pedagogical sciences]. Penza, 2000, 270 p.
2. Ponomareva O. N., Chernova N. M. Metodicheskoe posobie k uchebniku pod redaktsiey N. M. Chernovoy «Osnovy ekologii» [Workbook to the textbook “Basic ecology” edited by N.M. Chernova]. Moscow: Drofa, 2001–2013, 190 p.
3. Ponomareva O. N. Traditsii narodnoy ekologii v ekologicheskom obrazovanii [Traditions of public ecology in ecological education]. Moscow: Skriptoriy, 2003, 83 p.


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